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New Libertarian Magazine
8th & Final All-SF Issue!

Vol. IV #20, Vol. V #9/10 — September, 1990
New Libertarian Whole Number NL187

68pp, 8½″ x 11″, Original Issue, Mint Condition — $15.00

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From New Libertarian Index:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover D. Bruce Berry & Tom Luth NL’s only full-color cover honors the late Robert A. Heinlein
p. 2 Ad The Novels of L. Neil Smith
p. 3 Staff Table of Contents
p. 4 Ad New York Review of Science Fiction
p. 5 Samuel Edward Konkin III “Just Binding My Time”
p. 6 L. Neil Smith Short Story: “Embarrassment Box”
p. 6 Milt Borchert Photo of L. Neil Smith
p. 13 Øyvind Myhre Short Story: “Bull Running’s War”
p. 13 D. Bruce Berry Illustration for “Bull Running’s War”
p. 15 Libertarian SF Writer’s Mafia Novella: The Prometheus Meltdown
p. 16 Linaweaver & Koman Introduction: “Broaching The Number of the Beast
p. 18 Schulman & Koman Prologue
p. 18 Koman & Schulman Chapter One: Nevia
p. 20 Robert Anton Wilson Chapter Two: Dirty Socks and Denture Breath
p. 20 Arlen Wilson Photograph
p. 26 Brad Linaweaver Chapter Three: Words of the Profits
p. 28 Victor Koman Chapter Four: The Assassin and the Whore
p. 31 Robert Shea Chapter Five: Which is Sabbath?
p. 31 Hugh James Photo of Robert Shea
p. 37 Victor Koman Chapter Six: Center
p. 38 Victor Koman Chapter Seven: The Secret Master
p. 38 Sue Martin Photo of Victor Koman (left)
p. 38 Victor Koman Photo of Victor Koman (right)
p. 45 Brad Linaweaver Chapter Eight: Downwind from the Abyss
p. 50 Victor Koman Chapter Nine: Santa Cruz, Carmel, and Beyond the Sunset
p. 50 Victor Koman, Hugh James, Milt Borchert Photo collage
p. 54 Virginia Heinlein Letter to Brad Linaweaver
p. 54 Robert A. Heinlein Letter to Jerry Pournelle (1973) “Bob” vs. “Robert”
p. 60 Christopher Schaefer Destination Moon, Robert A. Heinlein, Filmwriter”
p. 60 George Pal Productions Destination Moon Production Photo ©1950
p. 61 Christopher Schaefer “Heinlein and the Stars”
p. 63 George Pal Productions Destination: Moon Movie Poster ©1950
p. 64 Various Authors Tributes to Robert A. Heinlein from Brad Strickland, David Lee Powell, Brad Linaweaver, Kevin Bold, Bill Ritch, & Richard Kyle