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An Agorist Primer Cover

An Agorist Primer — Paperback Edition

112pp, 5½″ x 8½″, paperback, new — $9.95
ISBN 978-0-9777649-7-6

If you’ve ever wondered what Agorism is or why it is the next step in the evolution of libertarian theory and practice, then this introductory volume is exactly what you’ve been seeking. Told with clear and concise prose, An Agorist Primer is exactly that — a primer on all the important aspects of Agorism and Counter-Economics: how they work together to enable you to free yourself and expand freedom to your friends, family, and the world!

“Sam’s book truly is a primer; he strips down heavy-duty economic theory and libertarian philosophy without diminishing either of them. An Agorist Primer may be a quick walk through the basics, but it never shortchanges the reader. And best of all, it’s awfully entertaining.”

“The book contains concise and incisive explorations of economics, counter-economics, libertarianism and agorism, and is replete with practical information and applications of agorist theory to the real world as well as expositions of the theory itself. Konkin’s erudition and his long practice of counter-economics make the volume both a joy to read, and essential reading for the progress of liberty in the world and in your very own life.”

“I read everything I could to deepen my understanding of economics and liberty, but it was all intellectual, there was no call to action except to tell the people around me what I had learned and hopefully get them to see the light. That was until I read [J. Neil Schulman’s] Alongside Night and the works of Samuel Edward Konkin III. At last, the missing puzzle piece! All of the sudden it was so clear: every action you take outside the scope of government control strengthens the market and weakens the state.”