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Counter-Economics — Digital Edition
The Lost Masterpiece!

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Counter-Economics was intended to be the magnum opus of Samuel Edward Konkin III — the creator, original theoretician, and premier activist of Agorism. The summation of all his work and research over 15 years of libertarian/anarchist activism to that point (1985), the book remained unfinished by Konkin at the time of his death. This ePub edition includes the existing first six chapters and an outline for the other twelve (four more completed chapters, rumoured to exist, are still being sought).

“Are you reading a self-help book, a personal-liberation manual, a financial advisory, an esoteric economics text, an anti-political platform, a muckraking history, a sensational exposé of underground life, or an anarchist cookbook? The answer is all of the above.

“The focus of the book is to show the reader what Counter-Economics is. We’ll look at it in every aspect of life in all parts of the globe and beyond. Black market; grey market; dissidence foreign and domestic; tax resistance; economic feminism; underground schools and shopping centers; gold, silver, barter, and illegal aliens; creative computing and secure information systems; gun-running and Bible-smuggling; life extension and intelligence increase; self-fulfillment and psychiatric resistance; sensational exploits and cold, hard, historical revisionism; alteration of inner space and outer space — it’s all here.”

“Konkin’s writings are to be welcomed… because he can read and write, qualities which seem to be going out of style in the libertarian movement.”

“I read everything I could to deepen my understanding of economics and liberty, but it was all intellectual, there was no call to action except to tell the people around me what I had learned and hopefully get them to see the light. That was until I read [J. Neil Schulman’s] Alongside Night and the works of Samuel Edward Konkin III. At last, the missing puzzle piece! All of the sudden it was so clear: every action you take outside the scope of government control strengthens the market and weakens the state.”