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Kings of the High Frontier Cover

by Victor Koman

Own the Prometheus Award-winning epic in the numbered, signed, limited First Edition!

Tammy Reis, NASA Space Shuttle commander, works for the most highly funded, technologically advanced space program in the world. So why do nightmares of the Challenger disaster haunt her sleep? And why does her beloved NASA seem no longer capable of matching the stunning successes of its glorious past?

Billionaire Laurence Poubelle wants to build his own orbital X-15 spaceplane. Can his keen marketing skills overcome a decadent culture hostile to wealth and contemptuous of adventure? Can he single-handedly launch the greatest Space Race in history?

Rocket engineer Gerald Cooper struggles in a tiny spacecraft-design company in the Mojave Desert. Who wants him stopped — or dead?

Shadowy black-marketeer Marcus Aurelius Grant — hidden from scrutiny in a failed African state — concocts an ambitious conspiracy more daring than anyone can imagine. Tammy Reis — recruited to infiltrate Grant’s inner circle — discovers his deepest secret and faces an impossible choice: duty to her government or loyalty to her heart, mind, and soul.

This is the 1250 copy, numbered, signed first edition published by Final Frontier Books in 1998. Includes an introduction by Gregory Benford, PhD, and dust jacket art by Rob Prior. Long out of print, the novel differs in numerous ways from the recent KoPubCo ePub edition, so Koman Kompletists will want this rarity in their collection. The number of your copy depends on our limited stock.

Hardcover, 576pp, 9¼″ x 6¼″ autographed!
Special collector’s price $39.95!
ISBN: 0-9665662-0-3

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