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Image of the trade paperback cover for The Legend of Anarcho Claus. Beige background, red border, and green lettering. Includes Thomas Nast drawing of Saint Nick, altered to represent Anarcho Claus, with tommy gun and chemistry set to represent counter-economic toys for non-coercive girls and boys.

The Legend of Anarcho Claus — Paperback Edition
The Secret Story of Santa’s Rebel Son

60pp, 5½″ x 8½″, paperback, very fine — Autographed by Victor Koman! $9.95

For the first time anywhere, the true and complete story of Anarcho Claus, who defies his famous father to bring forbidden toys to non-coercive girls and boys. Little Janie wants something her parents don’t think she should have, but jolly not-so-old Anarcho Claus smuggles it to her under Santa’s radar — and spirits her away to Elf-Land for an eye-opening tour.

Three-time Prometheus Award-winner Victor Koman expands Samuel Edward Konkin III’s original story into a full-length book destined to become an Anarcho-Christmas classic!