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Image of the cover art for the KoPubCo trade paperback edition of The Jehovah Contract. Black background with red lettering. Includes Sistine Chapel image of God by Michelangelo surmounted by rifle crosshairs.

The Jehovah ContractTrade Paper Edition
A Theological Thriller

275pp, 6″ x 9″, Autographed, Trade Paperback, New — $19.95 (ISBN: 978-0-9777649-0-7)

Victor Koman won the first of his three Prometheus Awards for The Jehovah Contract. This is the current KoPubCo edition, with cover art by Michelangelo and Black Dawn Graphics.

A dying assassin is given one last assignment and one last chance for survival. The job: to find God Almighty and destroy Him. The payment: eternal life. With the aid of a beautiful lady gambler, an ancient Hollywood witch, and a twelve-year-old telepathic virgin hooker, Dell Ammo breaches the gates of Heaven and Hell to pull the Cosmic Trigger.

“A fascinating concept, imaginatively delivered.”

“Explodes like a string of firecrackers…. The suspense never lets up…. I highly recommend it!”

“Audacious — a fine combination of logic and madness.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend this Mission Impossible/Phillip Marlowe/Mike Hammer/John Milton Faith Opera.”

The Jehovah Contract will surely be excoriated in religious and literary circles, but this damnation of God should be pondered objectively by both believers and nonbelievers. It is a good, thought-provoking effort that is that rarity in fiction: philosophy that entertains.”

“If Raymond Chandler had tried LSD, The Jehovah Contract is the novel he would have written.”