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Dr. K’s Sure-Fire INSTANT Weight-Loss SECRETS
Paperback First Edition
How YOU can avoid Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Gallstones, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Early Death, and Cankles!

100pp, 5″ x 8″, First Edition paperback, New — $8.95

Finally — all the secrets of instant health and weight loss in one short, easy-to-read book!

No one has ever put into one book all the secrets of weight loss and increased vitality along with a step-by-step plan customized to YOU and your needs.

Look, I don’t know how I can put it more delicately: you’re out of shape!

  • If you’re at the beach and people roll you into the water to rejoin your pod, you need this book!
  • If your jumping jacks register on the Richter scale, you need this book!
  • If your body-mass index has to be expressed using scientific notation, you need this book!
  • And if you’re already slim, trim, and healthy, buy this book anyway — because you never know…

If you follow this easy-to-understand program, you will lose more weight and be stronger than you ever imagined. Can it be that simple? Astonishingly, YES! These concise secrets are the key to weight loss and greater strength, stamina, sexual satisfaction, and overall robust health.

“We totally and unreservedly endorse every attempt to ban this farce from bookstore shelves. 100%.”

“Before I bought this book, I weighed 340 pounds. After I bought it, I lost nearly nine dollars the first day!