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Fiction — Autographed Novels

Link to The Legend of Anarcho Claus info
The secret story of Anarcho Claus, who defies his famous father to bring forbidden toys to non-coercive girls and boys. Little Janie discovers the hidden truth behind Santa's altruism. A new Christmas classic. Own the first edition, autographed by co-author Victor Koman!
Link to Kings of the High Frontier ePub edition
Kings of the High Frontier is the Prometheus Award-winning novel portraying the epic struggle of clandestine conspiracies to reach Space, and the world’s governments efforts to crush them.
Link to Captain Anger #1 trade paperback info
Captain Anger is a Doc Savage for the 21st century. In his first adventure, he battles billions of destructive microbots.
Link to Kings of the High Frontier First Hardcover Edition
Here is your chance to buy Kings of the High Frontier in its Signed, Numbered, Limited Hardcover edition. Published in 1998, the Prometheus Award-winning novel is long out of print in this format
Link to Solomon's Knife trade paperback info
Solomon’s Knife is a masterful and fiery mixture of medical thriller and courtroom drama that fuses every facet of the most violently debated issue of our age. The reality it foreshadows is only years — perhaps months — away.
Link to The Jehovah Contract trade paperback info
The Jehovah Contract ia a Prometheus Award winner. A dying assassin gets one last assignment from a slightly satanic televangelist: find God Almighty and destroy Him in exchange for everlasting life.
Link to Solomon's Knife 1st edition info
This is the rare Franklin Watts hardback first edition of Solomon’s Knife.
Link to Jehovah Contract
1st edition info
This is the very rare Franklin Watts first hardback edition.
Link to Spaceways No. 13 trade paperback info
In the early 1980s, Victor Koman collaborated with Andrew J. Offutt on SPACEWAYS under the series name “John Cleve.” These paperbacks are long out of print.
Link to Spaceways No. 17 trade paperback info
Marekellian Eks is a “thoughtlegger” who smuggles knowledge and technology to planets kept in a primitive state by the Prime Directive-style laws of the Spaceways.
Link to Death's Dimensions trade paperback info
His death wish exceeded that of any other mortal. Only his lust for oblivion gave him the strength to survive the Valliardi Transfer, the key to the Universe. He was Virgil Grissom Kinney, and he was insane beyond hope.
Cover of Millennium: Weeds paperback
Victor Koman wrote the third book in a series of Millennium TV series novelizations. The TV series was cancelled — as was the publication of Koman’s novelization — and the book only appeared in German, Italian, and Japanese translations. The book is mentioned here for the historical record, and so the two columns stay even…