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Beige cover art for Captain Anger Adventure Number One: The Microbotic Menace consisting of Captain Anger holding a .45 Colt pistol, a Seamaster airplane, and building

Captain Anger #1: The Microbotic MenacePaperback
A Hero for the 21st Century!

156pp, 6″ x 9″, paperback 1st edition, Autographed, very fine — $15

This is the rare, out-of-print 1999 first edition trade paperback from Pulpless.com. Only a few copies remain of this pivotal novel by three-time Prometheus Award-winner Victor Koman. Writing in the style and spirit of the old pulp-magazine writers such as Lester Dent (Doc Savage) and Walter Gibson (The Shadow), Koman updates the genre with a modern sensibility. This short, easily readable novel is suitable for young readers, but can be enjoyed by “children of all ages.” If you want a new story (hey, at nearly a quarter-century old, it’s still newer than 85-year-old pulp-magazine stories!) with a rollicking, old-fashioned heroic sense of life, Captain Anger #1: The Microbotic Menace will more than satisfy. Every copy has been autographed by its reclusive author!

Working in secrecy at the Anger Institute, Captain Richard Anger and his six fellow adventurers monitor the planet for the next madman bent on world conquest. This time, a crazed scientist unleashes the ultimate terror: microscopic robots programmed for destruction. Tearing apart everything they touch at a molecular level, the microbots multiply at a terrifying rate, looking like waves of mercury that wash over a sleepy California town.

As “Cap” races to find a cure for the silver-liquid death, he pilots his sea-going superjet to a mysterious island of strange metallic mountains and steel-clad shores. There, he and his hard-fighting companions — Rock, Leila, Tex, and Sun Ra — must use their wits and the weapons of super-science to stop the mad genius Dandridge before he tears the earth apart.

Writing in the style that set the rules for the Lords of the New Pulp school of Heroic Romanticism, Koman has created a warrior against evil for the new Millennium: Captain Anger!

“I read Victor Koman’s The Microbotic Menace and enjoyed it. … The fact is that well written pulp is a pleasure to read….”