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About KoPubCo & The Triplanetary Corporation

Koman Publishing produced its first book (New Libertarian Manifesto) in 1983 and for the past 40 years (after a name change to the trendier KoPubCo) has been the only source for back issues of New Libertarian publications. KoPubCo also sells books by the seminal genius who formalized the concepts of Counter-Economics & Agorism, Samuel Edward Konkin III, and authors he inspired, such as Prometheus Award winners J. Neil Schulman and Victor Koman, PhD.

The Triplanetary Corporation was incorporated in California on July 4th, 2005. It acquired KoPubCo as its publishing division shortly thereafter. With the assistance of Triplanetary’s strategic synergy (or is it synergistic strategy?), KoPubCo has released numerous publications in the intervening years, such as newly typeset editions of Victor Koman’s award-winning novels The Jehovah Contract, Solomon’s Knife, and the digital edition of Kings of the High Frontier.

KoPubCo has negotiated publishing contracts to reprint and digitize more of Dr. Koman’s novels as well as a brand-new collection of his long-lost short stories and will continue publishing the works of Samuel Edward Konkin III. Beginning with the 25th anniversary edition of New Libertarian Manifesto, KoPubCo continues to bring the works of Konkin to the world, such as the publication of An Agorist Primer, SEK3’s basic introduction to Agorism — suitable for kids — and The Legend of Anarcho Claus — a Christmas story especially for kids!

The most recent addition to the KoPubCo line is Counter-Economics, the digital version (.epub & .mobi) of SEK3’s final, uncompleted magnum opus.