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New Libertarian Weekly Volume III • 1975 – 1977

Between November 1975 and December 1977, Samuel Edward Konkin III — and those who had emigrated with him from New York to Long Beach, California (The Thornton, J. Neil Schulman, Bob Cohen), plus Southern Californians such as Victor Koman, Charles Curley, and Chris Schaefer — produced New Libertarian Weekly — 101 issues printed, folded, stuffed, and stamped every Tuesday night at the AnarchoVillage on East 7th Street. They did this consistently for two years, before finally surrendering to monthly — and even less frequent — publication as New Libertarian magazine and subsequent incarnations. Ironically, the publication with the best history of on-time, repeated publication (even better than Reason magazine, which delayed and skipped several issues early in its publication career), NLW ultimately burned itself out in weekly production and never returned to regular on-time publication again. During that time, NLW not only became the premier publication of anti-party libertarians and The Movement’s Journal of Record, it also took up the cause of opposing monocentrism, the monopolization of the Libertarian Movement by the Koch brothers’ wealth and power — the legendary money monster SEK3 had yclept The Kochtopus.

Below are some images of the best issues of NLW. In 1987, Koman Publishing (the precursor to KoPubCo) issued a hardbound, 32-copy, numbered edition of all 101 actual issues of NLW, with an authentication tip-in page signed by Victor Koman (see image). Copies sold out almost immediately at the $50 cover price and are now highly prized. PDFs of the issues are available at The Agorist Archives. Continue to Volume IV.

Volume III No. 1 (11/30/1975) Cover of New Libertarian Weekly, Volume 3 Number 1

Volume III No. 31 (7/11/1976) Cover of New Libertarian Weekly, Volume 3 Number 31

Volume III No. 45 (10/24/1976) Cover of New Libertarian Weekly, Volume 3 Number 45

Volume III No. 69 (4/10/1977) Cover of New Libertarian Weekly, Volume 3 Number 69

Volume III No. 100 (11/27/1977) Cover of New Libertarian Weekly, Volume 3 Number 100

NLW Hardcover Tip-In New Libertarian Weekly Hardbound Limited Edition Tip-In