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New Libertarian Magazine
Is There a Libertarian Culture?

Vol. IV #18/19 — December, 1987
New Libertarian Whole Number NL180

32pp, 8½″ x 11″, photocopy, New — $16.00

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From New Libertarian Index:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover Black Dawn Graphics Photos of Randolph Bourne, John Russell
p. 4 Jared C. Lobdell Letter
p. 4 Murray N. Rothbard, PhD Letter
p. 4 David C. McCalden Letter
p. 4 Allan Beatty Letter
p. 4 Neal Wilgus Letter
p. 5 E. Scott Royce New Perspectives in History
p. 6 Samuel Edward Konkin III Notes & Views
p. 6 Linaweaver, Koman, SEK3 Libertarian Science-Fiction Writers’ Agora
p. 7 Samuel Edward Konkin III “Through Blackest Libertarian Culture”
p. 9 Jeff Riggenbach “Is There a Libertarian Culture?”
p. 9 Jared C. Lobdell, PhD “Is There a Libertarian Culture?”
p. 9 Chris Ullsperger “Is There a Libertarian Culture?”
p. 13 Richard E. Geis “Wild Hairs”
p. 13 Alexis Gilliland Cartoon
p. 14 John Strang “Randolph Bourne: The First Left Libertarian”
p. 16 Chris Schaefer “John Russell: A Libertarian's Actor”
p. 19 Schaefer, Russell, & Russell A John Russell Filmography
p. 20 Cary Darling “Rock ‘N’ Roll & Libertarian Culture”
p. 21 Don Cormier “Anarcho-Artist: The Example of William Morris”
p. 22 Carol Low “Schools: Time to Rethink Them”
p. 25 Robert Anton Wilson Illuminating Discords: “Letters From Ireland #1”
p. 27 Jared C. Lobdell Review: Oscar Wilde’s Soul of Man Under Socialism
p. 28 Brad Linaweaver Review: Robert A. Heinlein’s Cat Who Walks Through Walls
p. 28 Jeffrey Rogers Hummel Review: Frank R. Stockton’s Great War Syndicate
p. 31 Staff Calendar of Libertarian Events
p. 31 Advertisement Libertarian Best-Sellers at Laissez-Faire Books