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New Libertarian Magazine
A Final Tribute to Robert LeFevre

Vol. IV #17 — April, 1987
New Libertarian Whole Number NL176

28pp, 8½″ x 11″, Original Issue, Very Fine — $14.00

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From New Libertarian Index:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover Black Dawn Graphics Photo of Robert & Loy LeFevre, courtesy of Loy LeFevre
p. 4 Fred Foldvary Letter
p. 4 Robert Karl Berkel Letter
p. 5 Brad Linaweaver Guest Editorial: “Et tu, Tutu?”
p. 5 Samuel Edward Konkin III “The Party's Not Over, But…”
p. 6 Samuel Edward Konkin III Review of The Project, Pt. 2
p. 8 E. Scott Royce New Perspectives in History
p. 9 Loy LeFevre Memorial Photo of Robert LeFevre
p. 10 Samuel Edward Konkin III “The Golden Age of Robert LeFevre”
p. 13 L. Neil Smith “The Objectivist Broacher”
p. 13 Wendy McElroy “Old-World AnarchoGentleman”
p. 13 Victor Koman Digital Illustration
p. 13 Victor Koman “The Gentle Rascal”
p. 14 Neal Wilgus “LeFevre Enters Heaven”
p. 14 Kevin Cullinane ”Freedom’s Stoic”
p. 15 Chuck Estes “The Spirit of Liberty”
p. 16 Christopher Schaefer “I Shall Remember Robert LeFevre”
p. 16 Richard A. Friedman “’Bye, Bernardo”
p. 16 Judith Friedman “So Long, Anarcho-Sanity”
p. 17 Robert LeFevre “How I Won WWII in Europe”
p. 23 Brad Linaweaver “Robert LeFevre — Top Gun”
p. 23 Dagny Sharon “A Personal Remembrance”
p. 23 Howard Hinman “Legacy of Robert LeFevre”
p. 24 Kerry Wendell Thornley “For Robert LeFevre”
p. 24 Robert W. Cohen “Farewell to Robert LeFevre”
p. 24 Robert Karl Berkel “LeFevre’s Last Curtain Call”
p. 24 David W. Dial “Reminiscence of Robert LeFevre”
p. 24 Victor Koman Star Tours Review: “Star Wars — The Adventure Diverges!
p. 26 Linaweaver, Koman, SEK3 Libertarian Science-Fiction Writers’ Agora
p. 27 Advertisement Libertarian Best-Sellers at Laissez-Faire Books
p. 27 Staff Calendar of Libertarian Events