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New Libertarian #16 Cover

Revisionism V

Vol. IV #16 — August, 1986
New Libertarian Whole Number NL174

32pp, 8½″ x 11″, Actual Issue!, mint — $12.00 $9.60!

From the New Libertarian Index:

p. 4
J. L. Halsey

p. 4
Lloyd Miller

p. 4
Jimmy Harris

p. 4
Fred Foldvary

p. 4
Doris Gordon

p. 5
Jared C. Lobdell
Guest Editorial: "Desmond Tutu"

p. 5
Samuel Edward Konkin III
Notes & Views: "The State of Revisionism in the World Today"

p. 6
Samuel Edward Konkin III
Review ofThe Project, Pt. 1

p. 7
E. Scott Royce
"Background to Pearl Harbor"

p. 8
I. Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
"Palestine, Iran, Freedom, and the Cost of American Intervention in the Middle East"

p. 10
Libertarian Best-Sellers at Laissez-Faire Books

p. 11
Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
"Not Just Japanese Americans: The Untold Story of U.S. Repression During 'The GoodWar'"

p. 21
Samuel Edward Konkin III
Review: The Myth of the 'New History' by David L. Hoggan

p. 23
Robert Anton Wilson
Illuminating Discords: "Letters From Ireland, Epistle One"

p. 24
Robert Faurisson
"Faurisson Contra Irving UNCENSORED!"

p. 27
Stefan Blankertz, Ph.D.
Review: Who Rules America Now? by G. William Domhoff

p. 27
Samuel Edward Konkin III
Review: Who Rules America Now? by G. William Domhoff

p. 28
Victor Koman
"∞ > Ayn Rand > ∅" Review: The Passion of Ayn Rand by Barbara Branden

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