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New Libertarian #13 Cover

Showdown at the NL Corral Pt. 1

Vol. IV #13 — April, 1985
New Libertarian Whole Number NL166

20pp, 8½″ x 11″, Actual Issue!, mint — $12.00 $5.00!

From the New Libertarian Index:

P. 1
Sandy McIntosh
Cover Art

p. 4
Arthur Hlavaty

p. 4
Tom Marcellus

p. 5
Samuel Edward Konkin III
Notes & Views

p. 6
E. Scott Royce
Obituary: Percy Greaves, 1906-1984

p. 7
Samuel Edward Konkin III
"Showdown at the NL Corral: Natural Outlaws vs. Natural Lawmen"

p. 7
Jeff Riggenbach
"Libertarians: Natural Outlaws, Natural Bastards"

p. 9
Sandy McIntosh

p. 10
Wendy McElroy
"Individualist Anarchism vs. 'Libertarianism' and Anarchocommunism"

p. 12
Jeff Riggenbach
"Decadence and the Libertarian Ideology"

p. 10
Murray N. Rothbard, Ph.D.
"On the Duty of Natural Outlaws to Shut Up"

p. 11
L. A. Rollins
Lucifer's Lexicon

p. 12
George H, Smith
"Roughing Up Rights"

p. 13
Kerry Wendell Thornley
"How Our Movement Began: Extremism in the Defense of Liberty, Pt. 2"

p. 15
Robert Anton Wilson
"Why UFOs Fascinate Us"

p. 16
Arthur D. Hlavaty
Review: The Earth Will Shake by Robert Anton WIlson

p. 16
Brad Linaweaver
Review: Lincoln by Gore Vidal

p. 17
Arthur D. Hlavaty
"The Reality Principle: An Essay in Psychopolitics"

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