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New Libertarian Magazine
BLACKS (inspired by the film REDS)

Vol. IV #12 — October, 1984
New Libertarian Whole Number NL164

32pp, 8½″ x 11″, Original Issue, Mint! — $16.00

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From New Libertarian Index:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover Black Dawn Graphics Photo of Paul & Maureen Genteman by Victor Koman
p. 4 Bob Black Letter
p. 4 Kerry Wendell Thornley Letter
p. 4 L. A. Rollins Letter
p. 5 Samuel Edward Konkin III Notes & Views
p. 8 Samuel Edward Konkin III “BLACKS: Is the Libertarian Movement Going the Way of the Pre-Victorian Socialist Movement?”
p. 8 Robert LeFevre "What’s In a Name?”
p. 9 Jorge Amador “Do Agorists Lose by Calling Themselves Libertarians? No — Not Yet, At Least!
p. 9 Sandy McIntosh Cartoon
p. 10 Wendy McElroy “Individualist Anarchism vs. ‘Libertarianism’ and Anarchocommunism”
p. 12 Jeff Riggenbach Kranky Notions: “Decadence and the Libertarian Ideology”
p. 16 Jared C. Lobdell, PhD Review: New Individualist Review
p. 20 Samuel Edward Konkin III “BLACKS: 1969 – 1984”
p. 21 Sandy McIntosh Cartoon
p. 22 Robert Anton Wilson Illuminating Discords: “A New Writer: F. W. Nietzsche”
p. 23 Cary Darling “The Libertarian Top 10”
p. 24 L. A. Rollins Lucifer’s Lexicon
p. 25 Richard A. Friedman “The Two Faces of Alfred Bester”
p. 27 L. Neil Smith Libertarian Science-Fiction Writers’ Agora
p. 27 Sue Martin Review: The Rainbow Cadenza by J. Neil Schulman
p. 28 Jan Bogstad Review: The Rainbow Cadenza by J. Neil Schulman
p. 28 J. Neil Schulman “Schulman Replies”
p. 29 Koman, et al. Libertarian Science-Fiction Writers’ Agora
p. 29 Samuel Edward Konkin III Obituary: Leonard E. Read, 1899-1983