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New Libertarian Notes
Partyarchs in Dallas!

Vol. II #33 — August, 1974
New Libertarian Whole Number NL038

32pp, 8½″ x 11″, photocopy, new — $16.00

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From New Libertarian Index:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover Nick Edwards Illustration for “Partyarchs in Dallas!”
p. 2 Staff Table of Contents
p. 3 Samuel Edward Konkin III Notes & Views
p. 7 J. Neil Schulman NLN Interviews Robert A. Heinlein” Part V
pp. 11-22 John J. Pierce Renaissance, Volume 6, Number 7-8, July-August, 1974
p. 11 John J. Pierce “In Thy Name, O Hugo”
p. 12 John J. Pierce Movie Review: Flesh Gordon
p. 13 Paul Walker “Official Unpopularity Poll Results, Part 4”
p. 15 John J. Pierce Review of The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin
p. 16 John J. Pierce Review of A Hole in Space by Larry Niven
p. 17 John J. Pierce Review of The Unsleeping Eye by D. G. Compton
p. 17 John J. Pierce Review of Journey Across Three Worlds edited by Georgy Guervich
p. 18 John J. Pierce Review of All Times Possible by Gordon Eklund
p. 19 John J. Pierce Review of Wandering Stars — An Anthology of Jewish SF & Fantasy Stories edited by Jack Dann
p. 20 Patrick L. McGuire “Наш Человек в Москве” — Reviews of The Red Star and Engineer Mhenni by Aleksandr & Bogdanov
p. 22 John J. Pierce Review of The Mountains of the Sun by Christian Leourier
p. 23 Michael D. Moslow (back to NLN) “Books to Burn”
p. 24 Ralph Fucetola III The Counter Economy Papers Number 0: “Toward an Alternative Court System”
p. 26 Abby Goldsmith The Abby Way: “A Festival of Goldsmith”
p. 28 Charles R. Curley “Political Action for Fun and Profit
p. 29 E. Scott Royce “Within the Ranks”
p. 29 Konkin & Thornton Filk Song: “Poolside Party”
p. 31 Samuel Edward Konkin III Filk Song: “Billy, Just Be a Hero”
p. 31 Stephen W. Jarvis “From the Snow”