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New Libertarian Notes
Descend on Dallas!

Vol. II #32 — June, 1974
New Libertarian Whole Number NL037

28pp, 8½″ x 11″, photocopy, new — $14.00

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From New Libertarian Index:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover Nick Edwards, SEK3, JNS Illustration for “Descend on Dallas!”
p. 2 Staff Table of Contents
p. 3 Samuel Edward Konkin III Notes & Views
p. 5 Bernard Lindsey Letter
p. 5 S. J. Pedde Letter
p. 5 George T. McCaullum Letter
p. 5 Chris R. Tame Letter to Bill Westmiller
p. 6 Stephen W. Jarvis Letter
p. 6 Kay G. Harroff Letter to Percy L. Greaves Jr.
p. 7 J. Neil Schulman NLN Interviews Robert A. Heinlein” Part IV
p. 10 Richard A. Friedman “Reading List of Dr. Samuel Russell”
pp. 11-18 John J. Pierce Renaissance, Volume 6, Number 2, April, 1974
p. 11 Rafail Nudelman Fantastika, Born of Revolution Part Five (adapted by John W. Andrews)
p. 13 Paul Walker “Official Unpopularity Poll Results” Part 3
p. 15 John J. Pierce Review of Before the Golden Age, edited by Isaac Asimov
p. 16 John J. Pierce Review of Walk to the End of the World by Suzy McKee Charnas
p. 16 John J. Pierce Review of Star Rider by Doris Piserchia
p. 16 John J. Pierce Review of Hadon of Ancient Opar by Philip José Farmer
p. 16 John J. Pierce Review of The Ginger Star by Leigh Brackett
p. 17 John J. Pierce Review of The Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum by Leigh Brackett
p. 18 John J. Pierce Review of Hellstrom’s Hive by Frank Herbert
p. 18 Samuel Edward Konkin III Filk Song: “Cover of the NLN
p. 19 Samuel Edward Konkin III (back to NLN) “Listen, LP”
p. 20 Abby Goldsmith “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Voting Booth”
p. 21 “Nicholas Raeder” (Barry Longyear) “At the End of the Tunnel”
p. 23 “Murray LeRand” (David F. Nolan) “Anarcho-Fascism — The Something for Everyone Philosophy”
p. 24 Kenneth W. Kalcheim Feds & Rebs — “Tax Rebellion: Libertarian or Conservative?”
p. 25 Staff Calendar of Libertarian & SF Events
p. 26 Robert Cassella “Objectivism Revisited five years later” Part Three
p. 24 Ad Sanford Cohen for Congress