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Red, white, and blue image of ORIGINAL 'Vote For Nobody' CounterCampaign 76 button and sticker.

The ORIGINAL Vote for NOBODY Button & Stickers!
Authentic CounterCampaign ’76 Memorabilia!

Very Fine condition — $10

Even though it is nearly half-a-century old, this Vote for Nobody button is good for every election, because...

  • Nobody keeps his campaign promises!
  • Nobody can legislate freedom for you!
  • Nobody deserves to spend your earnings!

The button is a vintage, rare relic from the 47-year-old (yikes!) CounterCampaign ’76 — Vote for Nobody effort and, as such, the back of the button is not shiny (but it’s not rusty, either — just tarnished). The button is 1¾″ in diameter.

Buy this button and we’ll include two original CounterCampaign ’76 — Vote for Nobody stickers! Time has discolored the edges of the sticker (adhesive oxidation) and rendered invalid the Malibu address (blurred in the photo), but they are nonetheless eminently collectible! Act now, and you’ll have them long before the next election!