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The KoPubCo Statism Offset™

Statism Offset CertificateKoPubCo is the innovator and leader in offering Statism Offsets to the public at large. What is a Statism Offset™? Just as easy to explain as a carbon offset, so here goes:

KoPubCo understands that we all live in the real world and knows how difficult it is to lead a totally counter-economic lifestyle. You still have to drive on government roads in a government-registered car while carrying your government-issued license (unless you want to be hassled perpetually by government agents demanding that you "show us your papers"). Some even feel the need to vote as a defensive act. 

While KoPubCo won't guilt you for your actions, if you feel any twinges of libertarian disquiet for such activities, don't be sad — be glad! Statism Offsets allow you to assuage that guilt (i.e., relieve felt unease) by buying an indulgence funding the spread of Liberty throughout the world. And — of course! — you'll receive a beautiful Statism Offset Certificate suitable for framing or for presenting to anarcho-purity enforcement troops on demand! 

The offsets are transferable, so if there are others committing statist acts for whom you feel concern, you may certainly purchase offsets in their names!

New Libertarian ManifestoStandard Statism Offset:
For only $14.95, KoPubCo will offset one year of unavoidable statist acts (driving on public roads, paying sales or property taxes) by printing a copy of the classic New Libertarian Manifesto and sending it to a libertarian book reviewer or a non-government library.
An Agorist PrimerSilver-Level Statism Offset:
For only $49.95, KoPubCo will offset one act of overt, voluntary statism such as voting (per election) or calling the cops (per call), by printing a copy of An Agorist Primer and sending it to a libertarian book reviewer or a non-government library.

Counter-EconomicsGold-Level Statism Offset:
For $499.95, KoPubCo will offset one year of continuing statist activity (serving on a Grand Jury, working for a government contractor) by conducting research for one unfinished chapter of Samuel Edward Konkin III's incomplete classic Counter-Economics.
Counter-EconomicsUranium-Level Statism Offset:
For $19,999.95, KoPubCo will offset an entire lifetime of otherwise-unforgivable, rank, outright-inexcusable statism (such as holding political office at any level) by bringing to publication a fully complete, up-to-date hardcover edition of Counter-Economics.