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Strategy of the New Libertarian Alliance

#1 — May Day, 1981
New Libertarian Whole Number NL154

33pp, 5½″ x 8½″, Original Issue, Very Fine — $10.00

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Page Contributor Subject
Cover Black Dawn Graphics Table of Contents
p. 1 Samuel Edward Konkin III Introduction
p. 3 Murray N. Rothbard, PhD “Konkin on Libertarian Strategy”
p. 11 Samuel Edward Konkin III “Reply to Rothbard”
p. 20 Robert LeFevre “Return to Babylon”
p. 26 Samuel Edward Konkin III “Reply to LeFevre”
p. 31 Erwin S. “Filthy Pierre” Strauss “The New Altruism: A Critique of the New Libertarian Manifesto
p. 33 Samuel Edward Konkin III “Reply to Filthy Pierre”