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New Libertarian Notes
Special All-Regular Issue

Vol. II #20 — April, 1973
New Libertarian Whole Number NL025

24pp, 8½″ x 11″, photocopy, new — $12.00

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From New Libertarian Index:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover John Pachak Illustration: “Attention, Radical Chic!”
p. 2 Staff Table of Contents
p. 3 Samuel Edward Konkin III Notes & Views
p. 4 Robert Poole Jr. Letter
p. 5 Richard A. Friedman The Library of Liberty: “In Defense of the Mystical Imagination” Part 2
p. 7 Nona Aguilar “Minerva Legend”
p. 9 Howard Katz “No, No, Murray”
p. 11 FLP Radical Caucus “Slate for 1973”
p. 13 LP Radical Caucus Flyer
p. 15 Leland Schubert “Recipe for Roast Bird:” Review of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
p. 17 Anthony P. Saglimbeni “Your Property Rights”
p. 18 Pete McAlpine Letter
p. 18 Beni Letter
p. 20 John Pachak “A Comicbook Review”
p. 21 Staff Calendar of Libertarian & SF Events
p. 22 Black Market Ads
p. 24 Ad 2nd Annual Southern Libertarian Conference