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New Libertarian Notes
The Nolan-Konkin Letters

Vol. II #15 — November, 1972
New Libertarian Whole Number NL020

20pp, 8½″ x 11″, photocopy, new — $10.00

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From New Libertarian Index:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover Ben Jaggery A bomb-depositing statist (adapted from a cartoon by Warren King)
p. 2 Staff Table of Contents
p. 2 Desmond del Marquand Cartoon
p. 3 Samuel Edward Konkin III Editorial: “Bullets, Not Ballots”
p. 4 Howard Fishbein Letter
p. 4 J. Neil Schulman Reply to Fishbein
p. 5 Richard A. Friedman The Library of Liberty: “They Might Be Giants” Part 1
p. 8 John Pachak “An Introduction to Ruling Class Revisionism”
p. 9 Walter Block “Declaration of the Libertarian Position”
p. 10 Nolan & Konkin “The Nolan-Konkin Letters”
p. 17 Mike Hargis Letter
p. 18 Samuel Edward Konkin III Notes & Views
Bonus Page Samuel Edward Konkin III “23rd Anniversary (1995?) Bonus Letter, Never Included in NLN #15
p. 19 Black Market Ads
p. 20 Anthony P. Saglimbeni “Proclamation of Freedom”