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Laissez Faire!

Vol. I #4 — May, 1970
New Libertarian Whole Number NL004


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A Plea to Paleo-Libertarians

These are truly the rarest of the New Libertarian magazine issues. Samuel Edward Konkin III published these newsletters when he was at the University of Wisconsin. Even SEK3 didn’t have any copies, and no one we’ve contacted so far has been able to locate them. We will pay $20.00 each for the five issues that make up Laissez Faire’s 1970 run. Or, if you can make high quality photocopies or greyscale/photo scans (300-600 DPI, crisp blacks, high contrast using a black sheet behind the page so that the other side of the page does not bleed through) into .TIFF, .PNG, .JPG, or some other digital format, we will pay $10.00 per issue. We only have a fair photocopy of #1, and would really like to make The Agorist Archives of Samuel Edward Konkin III complete.

Send your ZIPped scans or inquiries via e-Mail:

or your originals or photocopies via US Mail, FedEx, &c., to
5904-A Warner Ave., Ste. 164
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-4689