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THE FORCE — The First Star Wars Fanzine!

Number 2 — September, 1977

8pp, 8½″ x 11″, Actual Issue, Very Fine — $10.00

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Contents of THE FORCE #2:

Page Contributor Subject
Cover Susan Schulman Darth Vader (reprinted on p. 13 of The Complete Vader by Ryder Windham & Peter Vilmur!)
p. 2 Victor Koman In This Issue & Colophon
p. 2 Victor Koman Editorial
p. 3 J. J. Pierce “Saint George and SF”
p. 4 John Staib “Darth Vader: True Jedi”
p. 6 Janine Goldfarb Letter inquiring why Obi-Wan’s light sabre turned off when Vader struck him down?
p. 6 Victor Koman Postulates that light sabres have deadman switches…
p. 7 Membership Form First Order of the Jedi Knights [Intergalactic]
p. 8 Susan Schulman Luke and his light sabre