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Welcome to the Cure for Maxarchy!

COVID-19 pandemic used by statists to justify every incursion into our liberties, the same as 9/11 was used by Bush-era neocons (Cold-War Liberals) to justify every incursion into our liberties. President-Select Joe “Robbin’ It” Biden (or — as we like to call him — 46*) Xi-roxing his way to power, sees his shadow and predicts a Dark Winter for Liberty. And — to top it all off — Murder Hornets! (They’re still a thing, aren’t they?) During all this insane, paroxysmal collectivism and Nature run amok, KoPubCo still valiantly slugs it out with creeping (and creepy handsy hair-sniffing) Statism through the publication of Samuel Edward Konkin III’s unfinished magnum opus, Counter-Economics, available in several ePub formats for only 99¢!

To help you survive 2021, almost everything on this website is 20% off. Some closeout books are 50% off! At these prices, many items will sell out quickly and some of them — such as actual original issues of New Libertarian magazine and out-of-print books — will never be available again. Even our newest books, such as the paperback edition of An Agorist Primer, are marked down! Use the links above or below to dive into KoPubCo’s amazing savings! We don't know how long we can keep this up!

The Agorist Archives Commence!

KoPubCo will help you through this Dark Winter of The State by directing you to some reading matter. Introducing The Agorist Archives, a new and ongoing effort to digitize, curate, and preserve the writings, personal letters, and papers of the originator of Counter-Economics and Agorism, Samuel Edward Konkin III (7/8/1947 – 2/23/2004). At KoPubCo, we believe that we can sell collectible originals and photocopies of New Libertarian magazines and books while endorsing the efforts of SEK3’s Chief Archivist, Victor Koman, to make the knowledge — in digital versions of those publications (and far more) — available at no cost to you (though contributions to his efforts will be gratefully accepted). Follow us on Twitter to be notified of the changes!

New(er) From KoPubCo!

Kings of the High Frontier ePub cover

Kings of the High Frontier — the ePub Edition!
The Prometheus Award winning novel — long out of print — is now available for ePub & Kindle readers! Click here to go directly to Smashwords and order! Only $4.99!
  Counter-Economics cover

SEK3’s unfinished final work, the existing six chapters and an outline for the rest of the book are available exclusively in ePub/Kindle formats for a mere 99¢!

Check out our Merchandise Mart! Buy T-shirts, Bumper Stickers, Tote Bags, Mugs, and more! Wacky, incisive, transgressional slogans
An Agorist Primer cover
An Agorist Primer introduces the principles and practices of Agorism and Counter-Economics in clear and concise prose. This book bridges the gap between Libertarian Theory and Agorist Action!
  New Libertarian Manifesto cover
The 25th Anniversary Edition of New Libertarian Manifesto is the definitive edition of this libertarian classic! Includes critiques by Rothbard, LeFevre, and Filthy Pierre, as well as SEK3’s responses!

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