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Post-Nationalism Cover POST-NATIONALISM:
George W. Bush as President of the World

Award-winning science-fiction writer Brad Linaweaver joins a growing political movement with the resurrection of New Isolationist, a publication of the late Samuel Edward Konkin III on which Brad served as contributing editor.

Post-Nationalism: George W. Bush as President of the World is a call to arms for conservatives and libertarians who are sick and tired of the neo-con takeover of the American Right. The most controversial aspect of this broadside is that Linaweaver questions the patriotism of these cheerleaders for an endless War on Terror.

Linaweaver convincingly urges Americans to support the troops but oppose the insane foreign policy of the neo-cons.

160pp 5" x 8", paperback, new — $12.95
ISBN: 978-0-9777649-3-8

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