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Prepare for Hyperinflation With Hyper-Savings Now!

Interest rates are at an all-time low. That should be great news, right? It would be if the Market were directing it, but when the Fed forces rates downward by expansion of credit, that's as inflationary as printing money! This unanticipated inflation enables the State and its cronies (privileged cabals, recipients of "redistribution') to pay for goods with borrowed money. When the Market reacts to this credit expansion, the sudden jump in prices that results is labeled "inflation" by the State in order to misdirect blame from the creators of inflation to the victims. Price inflation is merely a reaction to monetary inflation and credit expansion.

To help you out, though, almost everything on this website is 20% off. Some closeout books are 50% off! At these prices, many items will sell out quickly and some of them such as actual original issues of New Libertarian magazine and out-of-print books  will never be available again. Even our newest books, such as the hilarious Dr. K's Sure-Fire Instant Weight-Loss Secrets and the brand-new paperback edition of An Agorist Primer, are marked down! Use the links above or below to dive into KoPubCo's amazing savings!

And, as you might guess, these discounts may not last KoPubCo stands ready to react to inflation before it is recognized by the rest of the Market. 

Best-Selling Items From KoPubCo!

An Agorist Primer cover
An Agorist Primer introduces the principles and practices of agorism and Counter- Economics in clear and concise prose. If you thought there was a disconnect between libertarian theory and reality, this book bridges the gap! NOW IN PAPERBACK!
  Weight-Loss Secrets cover

Secrets of Weight Loss!
Laugh those pounds away with the funniest weight-loss book in years! "Dr. K" reveals all the sure-fire secrets of instant weight loss and strength training in one easy-to-read paperback.
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New Libertarian Manifesto cover
The 25th Anniversary Edition of New Libertarian Manifesto is the definitive edition of this libertarian classic! Includes critiques by Rothbard, LeFevre, and Filthy Pierre, as well as SEK3's responses.!
  Solomon's Knife cover

New for 2014!
Kindle Edition!

The Prometheus Award winning novel is now available for Kindle readers! Click here to go directly to Amazon and order! Only $3.99!

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