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Alongside Night Cover

Alongside Night
by J. Neil Schulman

The federal government is shut down from lack of money in its budget. Homeless people and youth gangs roam the streets of New York. Money is worthless, markets collapse, and businesses fail. Smugglers use the latest computer encryption technology to operate bold enterprises that the government is powerless to stop, even with totalitarian control of news and private communication. A private mercenary army protecting a vast black-market empire, headed by a former Green Beret and his ex-CIA sidekick, battles an FBI run by a ruthless Director who's blackmailing the president with an old scandal and putting radicals in a secret prison in a desperate bid to maintain power.

And caught in the middle of it all are the brilliant 17-year-old son of a missing Nobel-prizewinning economist, his best friend from prep school whose uncle was once a guerrilla fighter, and the beautiful but mysterious 17-year-old girl he meets in a secret underground ... a girl who carries a pistol with a silencer. KoPubCo is proud to make this groundbreaking, long out-of-print novel available again in its original hardback edition, now with a signed and numbered tip-in sheet! Limited to 526 copies, this is the rare first edition variant of the novel that heralded a new wave of libertarian fiction. 181pp, hardback, near mint.

SOLD OUT! Copies available from Laissez Faire Books!

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