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An Agorist Primer Cover

An Agorist Primer
by Samuel Edward Konkin III

Now in Paperback! (still available in hardcover)

If you've ever wondered what Agorism is or why it is the next step in the evolution of libertarian theory and practice, then this introductory volume is exactly what you've been seeking. Told with clear and concise prose, An Agorist Primer is exactly that — a primer on all the important aspects of Agorism and Counter-Economics: how they work together to enable you to free yourself and expand freedom to your friends, family, and the world!

“Very simply, this is the book on agorism that you give your mom. There’s no other way to describe it.

"If I had a million Federal Reserve Notes right now, I’d buy 50,000 copies of it to give to public libraries all across the United States...”
—Brad Spangler, The Bottom of the Rabbit Hole

112pp, 5.5" x 8.5", paperback, new — $9.95
Special NEW-PUBLICATION Price $7.95!

ISBN 978-0-9777649-7-6

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